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Hello, good night everyoneeee
I couldn't sleep, don't know why yaaa?
Can you tell me why? My bf left me, he slept to soon
I looked at my facebook, I found it

Totally loved it so much! I'm so interested w/ this ring don't know why! I prefer ring on right, I think it seems like an England's logo, did you see that? hihi I'll buy it soon, it's only 10.000rupiah, you can find another ring at Nuansa Rizky Saura's online shop

And I'm so interested too w/ this necklace

I'll buy it soon to, but I think it is too expensive, 30.000rupiah. hehehe not too expensive but for me it is too expensive lahhh. You can find another necklace on Obscura Fashionstore or Mayla Ristian Detwis, she is the owner

OKAYY!! Good night