The blog

I started blogging in 2008. But I really love to blog since 2010. This blog have a serial of changing, especially the blog name. I starts with Hot, Hotter, Hottest, but it doesn't sounds so friendly. I changed it to Medium Pig PowerI'm Still Oink Bundell, and finally I came across to my final blog name, calls Pretty Pig Town. I love pigs, they make a funny sounds, 'oink oink oink'. That's why I adore oink since now, and named my website oink bundell. I have a confession to say, all of my social accounts are made under @oinkbundell user name. I blog about my daily life, my fashion crush, my anything I see. I post anything based on my perspective, I guess.

About Me

My name is Kristika. Born with a long name, Kristika Dwi Candrasari. I'm Indonesian, that's why most of Indonesian people doesn't have a last name. I prefer to call myself Kristika Dwi Candrasari Ismono. Includes my father's last name. I'm a student of Public Relations Studies in Universitas Diponegoro, Semarang. I currently and long lives in Semarang, since the day I born. I'm planning to get out of this town once I graduates college. I hope so.
Here's my other account just in case you're wondering about me :

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