Fire Monkey Life

Hello, friends! Wow wow wow, it's been the most craziest time, man! I mean I haven't even blogged since the beginning of the year. Well, I looked for any lacking time and still couldn't find any. Life is crazy, totally. These are what happened to me :

  • I decided to quit school. This decision for me is super hard and I find it very tricky. I eventually made myself an awaken message that tells me, if I go through the results are not going to be satisfied and probably failed, if I stop this through I would have became the luckiest girl on Earth because I don't want to achieve some another bullshits. Maybe if I stop, I will find myself in a job and earned money. Well, that is the high lights of what I want to achieve this year : GET A JOB AND EARN REAL MONEY
  • Since last year, I petted the cutest cats ever! I never got the chance to write a story about it. Since 2014, I have became cat lady. First pet for me is a female cat named Witty. Then there was an accident and Witty was no longer my pet. Then I had five cats in a row. All gorgeous, all cute. But three of them are sick and went died. And I let my friends adopted one. Now, I have two more company and recently my cat just gave birth of four adorable kittens. I sold three of them, and petted one. I have four cats (I will attach some pics later)
  • And my side jobs, Krio Studio is still on waiting list. Since I have cats, I focused my time on giving each of them affection and attention. I don't blame them for this, it just this is the first time one of my dream accomplished, CATS! But I already set up some new designs and new arrivals for this year. Don't forget to follow my shop on Instagram!
  • My room in the new house is now half ready! I'm super excited about this. Finally I succeeded did the actual life job, people! I haven't painted my room tho, but I added some ME essence on it. Such as posters, wall art, photo in framed, and a little craft corner. I also had built some cat area, included cages, food bowls and litter boxes. Still figures out how to living properly with a litter boxes. Maybe I would seek for help from near woodman to build me a shelve or a box to hid them
  • The thing between Rio and I had succeed and now leads us to something even bigger, bonding! I always been bothered him of asking about the future. Like marriage and have kids. Since we lived in a custom which obliged every couple to be married first and have kids, we decided to think further about our marriage! I mean, this is huge, ah. I always wanted to have children, but never thought of getting married before. Because my life has been a reality TV shows which given me an example, you don't necessary to marry to have children.
I hope everything is fall in place this year. My goals is to make money and get a job. Maybe I will sign up to another university. I was thinking about hotel school. I will keep myself close to this blog.
Xo, Kristika


Greetings from Nowhere Land

Hi friends. It's been a hack of time. To be honest, I flipped my blog life in a second. Duh, the guilts haunt me. It's not like I want to catch up with my random readers, I just miss blogging. This is my second digital life after Instagram to me. So, my life as far is I can say good but it decent. We moved to a new house this year and the unopened boxes are still running around here and there. I'm a laze mover person ever. I like the idea of house moving, I just sucked at unpacked boxes and start to REdecorate room. Took me more than a year to set up things, like wall painting, furniture game, decorate job and stuff. There was still left over boxes in my room. I'm super duper lazy. I'll try to keeping up with my moving game and try to get everything spice up before New Years or after New Years. I wrecked my life, duh!
My school life is getting worse everyday, my friends are slowly graduate and I wasn't. Euw, suck! Tho my love life is getting BETTER and I lived an amazing love life with this GUY. Did I tell about this GUY yet? Maybe I have, and I want to tell it again. Okay, you're about to hear my dumb story and poetry about this GUY.

This guy named Rio, we met at middle school reunion last year. I had no idea who he was, in fact I never had a chance to meet this guy personally. I crossed to my social media account and accidently spotted this guy. At first, I literally liked this guy from his appearance. He was that cool guy. One of the band junkie, sneaker lovers, black t-shirts babe, and nerd type of kid (I can tell a lot a person from the glasses they worn because I myself was a glasses nerd for ever). What I did was I unfollowed this guy from my Path account and began to search this guy from Instagram. Not a difficult job I found his account in less 3 seconds. We surprisingly met at that reunion meeting, I was the secretary and he was the class coordinator. Which mean I had to keeping up with every coordinator, included him. I thought this was my chance. We politely chatted over group chat and I bravely and cheesy-ly chatted him directly from my LINE account. I chatted over him rubbish and trash stuff. You know, the nasty stuff.. That was worked! YAY! My sanity worked this time.
I just knew it will leads to a thing. YES, I'm a girl with plan. I flirted him, I knew he was feeling uncomfortable at first because my reputation was dirty as fuck. People even label me as nasty girl. Somehow I'm not proud of it. I kept flirting him, and more flirt and seduce him in polite ways. This was happened after my birthday party at home with middle school friends, I kissed every guest in the cheeks and my kissed also landed this GUY's cheeks. He was handsome that night. So I asked him to pick me up to go to our reunion meeting, sparks flew!
We dated three or four times more and ended up on very deep kiss. I even ask him whether he liked me or not, whether does he want to marked this date as our anniversary? He surprisingly had saying yes. But you know, girls are girls. I want to make it special by told him to wait. I knew how my words made he felt, his face changed to grey when I told him we should wait. We are boyfriend-and-girlfriend that day, July 14th 2014. We are now 1 year and strong.
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Early Dinner + Late Lunch @Vien's Resto Semarang

Food time! Been a long time for me when the last time I posted my food hunter diary to the blog. It was a fun labels for me. Every time I took a dinner, lunch or even breakfast out, at home or maybe a takeout meals or even you know, delivery food. 

Last September 29th 2014, my sister and I are made our spare night to be together, leaving our hush hush hours for an hour or more. We noticed, or she notices there's a new place in town, quiet and some kind of peaceful version, a smaller version. She came across to this place, and it was a good surprise. So, I'm heading to Vien's Resto Sausage & Steak to make myself get a little four hours early before she make it.

The first impression I ever blown to my mind was, this place have a deserted feeling, and an exclusivity chic. You have to come over to some alley, and you turn to left and you have to push your brakes a little more to hold yourself, and then you arrives. I personally drives a motorcycle, so I have to be very very very down low to get a parking space. It's nearly 4 - 5 feet down below. I'm not a measure pro, never have been. To get into your seat, you need to passes two tiers of stairs. I choose out door tables, they say it's a perfect and the best seat to have yourself a little stargazing and city lights moment.

"I think it is really deserted, lonely, beautiful, and gazer-kind-of-place", I said to myself.

I order a drink for sure, to be first. My disappointment was the waitress took five to seven minutes to take my order. I mean it's a great place, but it will be disaster if I can't get my order soon. Despite the waitress, this place offers me hour and hours gazing. Bright sun landscape, hill, and you know, city people. You can see I order ombré beverages. I'm so lost what is this call, but it has a sour, sweet and weird taste. I guessed the bottom layer was Melon syrup, next I will guessed this as a Pandan, Strawberry syrup, with a bit of Sunkist syrup, or Orange syrup. The upper layer is a soda, Pepsi Blue. With lengkong fusion, which I don't really like it. Maybe it was my mistake.

Can you see it? I love to see the skies changing. 4.48 PM - 6.11 PM, 6.30 PM, 7.15 PM. They're all pretty.
Oh, yes, she came when the sunset goes down. We talk overnight. 
In case you're curious, I'm sure now this place is everyone's favorite. I never made it to come again, but I'm sure I will. You can find it at Jalan Singotoro 14 Semarang. Happy gazing!


Meet Krio. Enjoy the Studio.

Hello, gal. Been a long long long time I finally deciding to write over this blog again. You know, I am very busy. I just love Instagram-ing at the moment, I never had time to drag myself in front of PC screen and blogging. Here I am. You probably hated me right now, well I can live with that.
SOOOO much things going on, middle school reunion in July, Eid Mubarak in July, preparing myself to back to my college daily, building so many pretty plans inside and outside, my birthday last June, friend's birthday last June, dinner with my high school mates, meeting 'BAE' (I'm currently in relationship, duh) and many crazy things.
Despite all of that, I'm alive. Busy is a good thing. The sign that I'm usefull and make something.
Yes, I'm currently 'made' something out...

Meet my new business, call KRIO STUDIO. DId I tell you that I'm now older, I will graduate soon next year, I will get a job (I have to), I will make money for living, I will take all of adults responsibility. Which is crazy yet sometimes. When my mum gives me some advice to survive, and blah blah blah, I know I lived under pressure. Shit happens.
Well, KRIO STUDIO is my answer. It's a brand new business in jewelry and accessories industry. I or we'll try to handmade it. I love to craft, I love to handmade, which is why my business will hand-made-by-me-and-friends. It's a jewelry and accessories shop like no other before. Actually it's the same. What make us different? Because of us. Every pieces will get it place and position among all the girls around. We love to make it, we make it with love, dream and hope,
We are having a bunch of preps to this. Especially me I don't want this project become only an upcoming project. AH, I'm sick of upcoming project. Why don't I make it 'now-project'? Feels right, sounds better, tastes sweet, looks amazing. And yes, why do I name it KRIO STUDIO? Well, me and boyfriend are happy together and completely crazy for each other. He already got his first clothing line call RUFT, please heading to RUFT to see what he and his friends have done amazingly this far. He's a business minded as far as I knew him, he's about to think how to make money, make a better living and sharpen a potential we had, and after all he was happy doing it. 
Back to KRIO STUDIO, KRIO is our nickname. Kr for Kristika, Io for Rio. Who knows our names are made a perfect name? Now you can meet our Studio and enjoy it. I bet you are already have anything figure out what studio means and what studio for. Yes, we call ourselve, KRIO STUDIO, gal! Please have us a pray to set everything ready. This is the first project I ever made it real, I had a million business project I never had a chance to make it real and happen. Here it is, maybe this is my time.

Please kindly heading to KRIO STUDIO to see some of our photos in our Instagram. We are not yet have our first collection, but you may see inspirations, and our sneak peak of our first collection. Meet Krio, Enjoy the Studio.

xoxo. Kristika


CekPM : Indonesia Email Service

Nowadays, social media has become our life and the most important thing in our life. We used internet almost everyday to searching up something, to create some stuff, downloads, uploads, and even kepo*. So to create any of those accounts we need to signed up first using our email address. I bet most of you are using Yahoo! and Google Mail, aren't you? Because Yahoo! and Google Mail are the most common email service we known and lemme say it's easy to use.
But, let me hold my breath to tell you the news. Indonesia has launched an Indonesia Email Service. How can we more proud of it? The website is call cekPM and this is the first Indonesia Email Service.

You can open the website first to take a look. The design is simple yet elegant. I love the combination of red and white on the website. It's kind of an Indonesia national flag. It says on the website 'Mohon maaf beberapa halaman cekPM ini sedang dalam pengembangan. Kritik dan saran dapat anda berikan disini. Terima kasih' means, We are sorry some of cekPM page is under construction. You can give your critic and advice here. Thank you.
YES! Some of cekPM page is under construction. But you can definitely sign up to create your email. They claimed the service is secured, free & fast. Because it secured, free & fast. It's easy to use and fast to sign up. It has an unlimited storage, spam protection (so there's no chance to a spam email to email you), a simple view, and fast costumer support within 24 hours.

Let's move to how to sign up to cekPM. It's very easy to use. All you have to do is click on Sign Up. The page will be looks like this (see above). And, you can fill the form, First Name, Last Name, Your Username, Password, Birthday, Gender, Alternative Email (I suggest it is your old email from Yahoo! or Google Mail), Mobile Phone and Your Location. With a single click your email is done.
You're about to Log In. This is easy to use and operate. Type your email address, mine is kristika@cek.pm and type your password.

This is it! You're arrived to cekPM! The view is similar to Google Mail but it has an unlimited storage and spam protection.

I'm so proud of Indonesia! Love your local product and use your local product. For your information, this email service knows no-long-loading at all! I can guarantee that for sure. What are you waiting for? Go sign up now to create your Indonesia email service. To more information, sign up to cekPM.
Read the references here and here.

*kepo: always want to know about something, searching up something