Early Dinner + Late Lunch @Vien's Resto Semarang

Food time! Been a long time for me when the last time I posted my food hunter diary to the blog. It was a fun labels for me. Every time I took a dinner, lunch or even breakfast out, at home or maybe a takeout meals or even you know, delivery food. 

Last September 29th 2014, my sister and I are made our spare night to be together, leaving our hush hush hours for an hour or more. We noticed, or she notices there's a new place in town, quiet and some kind of peaceful version, a smaller version. She came across to this place, and it was a good surprise. So, I'm heading to Vien's Resto Sausage & Steak to make myself get a little four hours early before she make it.

The first impression I ever blown to my mind was, this place have a deserted feeling, and an exclusivity chic. You have to come over to some alley, and you turn to left and you have to push your brakes a little more to hold yourself, and then you arrives. I personally drives a motorcycle, so I have to be very very very down low to get a parking space. It's nearly 4 - 5 feet down below. I'm not a measure pro, never have been. To get into your seat, you need to passes two tiers of stairs. I choose out door tables, they say it's a perfect and the best seat to have yourself a little stargazing and city lights moment.

"I think it is really deserted, lonely, beautiful, and gazer-kind-of-place", I said to myself.

I order a drink for sure, to be first. My disappointment was the waitress took five to seven minutes to take my order. I mean it's a great place, but it will be disaster if I can't get my order soon. Despite the waitress, this place offers me hour and hours gazing. Bright sun landscape, hill, and you know, city people. You can see I order ombré beverages. I'm so lost what is this call, but it has a sour, sweet and weird taste. I guessed the bottom layer was Melon syrup, next I will guessed this as a Pandan, Strawberry syrup, with a bit of Sunkist syrup, or Orange syrup. The upper layer is a soda, Pepsi Blue. With lengkong fusion, which I don't really like it. Maybe it was my mistake.

Can you see it? I love to see the skies changing. 4.48 PM - 6.11 PM, 6.30 PM, 7.15 PM. They're all pretty.
Oh, yes, she came when the sunset goes down. We talk overnight. 
In case you're curious, I'm sure now this place is everyone's favorite. I never made it to come again, but I'm sure I will. You can find it at Jalan Singotoro 14 Semarang. Happy gazing!