Greetings from Nowhere Land

Hi friends. It's been a hack of time. To be honest, I flipped my blog life in a second. Duh, the guilts haunt me. It's not like I want to catch up with my random readers, I just miss blogging. This is my second digital life after Instagram to me. So, my life as far is I can say good but it decent. We moved to a new house this year and the unopened boxes are still running around here and there. I'm a laze mover person ever. I like the idea of house moving, I just sucked at unpacked boxes and start to REdecorate room. Took me more than a year to set up things, like wall painting, furniture game, decorate job and stuff. There was still left over boxes in my room. I'm super duper lazy. I'll try to keeping up with my moving game and try to get everything spice up before New Years or after New Years. I wrecked my life, duh!
My school life is getting worse everyday, my friends are slowly graduate and I wasn't. Euw, suck! Tho my love life is getting BETTER and I lived an amazing love life with this GUY. Did I tell about this GUY yet? Maybe I have, and I want to tell it again. Okay, you're about to hear my dumb story and poetry about this GUY.

This guy named Rio, we met at middle school reunion last year. I had no idea who he was, in fact I never had a chance to meet this guy personally. I crossed to my social media account and accidently spotted this guy. At first, I literally liked this guy from his appearance. He was that cool guy. One of the band junkie, sneaker lovers, black t-shirts babe, and nerd type of kid (I can tell a lot a person from the glasses they worn because I myself was a glasses nerd for ever). What I did was I unfollowed this guy from my Path account and began to search this guy from Instagram. Not a difficult job I found his account in less 3 seconds. We surprisingly met at that reunion meeting, I was the secretary and he was the class coordinator. Which mean I had to keeping up with every coordinator, included him. I thought this was my chance. We politely chatted over group chat and I bravely and cheesy-ly chatted him directly from my LINE account. I chatted over him rubbish and trash stuff. You know, the nasty stuff.. That was worked! YAY! My sanity worked this time.
I just knew it will leads to a thing. YES, I'm a girl with plan. I flirted him, I knew he was feeling uncomfortable at first because my reputation was dirty as fuck. People even label me as nasty girl. Somehow I'm not proud of it. I kept flirting him, and more flirt and seduce him in polite ways. This was happened after my birthday party at home with middle school friends, I kissed every guest in the cheeks and my kissed also landed this GUY's cheeks. He was handsome that night. So I asked him to pick me up to go to our reunion meeting, sparks flew!
We dated three or four times more and ended up on very deep kiss. I even ask him whether he liked me or not, whether does he want to marked this date as our anniversary? He surprisingly had saying yes. But you know, girls are girls. I want to make it special by told him to wait. I knew how my words made he felt, his face changed to grey when I told him we should wait. We are boyfriend-and-girlfriend that day, July 14th 2014. We are now 1 year and strong.
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