Fire Monkey Life

Hello, friends! Wow wow wow, it's been the most craziest time, man! I mean I haven't even blogged since the beginning of the year. Well, I looked for any lacking time and still couldn't find any. Life is crazy, totally. These are what happened to me :

  • I decided to quit school. This decision for me is super hard and I find it very tricky. I eventually made myself an awaken message that tells me, if I go through the results are not going to be satisfied and probably failed, if I stop this through I would have became the luckiest girl on Earth because I don't want to achieve some another bullshits. Maybe if I stop, I will find myself in a job and earned money. Well, that is the high lights of what I want to achieve this year : GET A JOB AND EARN REAL MONEY
  • Since last year, I petted the cutest cats ever! I never got the chance to write a story about it. Since 2014, I have became cat lady. First pet for me is a female cat named Witty. Then there was an accident and Witty was no longer my pet. Then I had five cats in a row. All gorgeous, all cute. But three of them are sick and went died. And I let my friends adopted one. Now, I have two more company and recently my cat just gave birth of four adorable kittens. I sold three of them, and petted one. I have four cats (I will attach some pics later)
  • And my side jobs, Krio Studio is still on waiting list. Since I have cats, I focused my time on giving each of them affection and attention. I don't blame them for this, it just this is the first time one of my dream accomplished, CATS! But I already set up some new designs and new arrivals for this year. Don't forget to follow my shop on Instagram!
  • My room in the new house is now half ready! I'm super excited about this. Finally I succeeded did the actual life job, people! I haven't painted my room tho, but I added some ME essence on it. Such as posters, wall art, photo in framed, and a little craft corner. I also had built some cat area, included cages, food bowls and litter boxes. Still figures out how to living properly with a litter boxes. Maybe I would seek for help from near woodman to build me a shelve or a box to hid them
  • The thing between Rio and I had succeed and now leads us to something even bigger, bonding! I always been bothered him of asking about the future. Like marriage and have kids. Since we lived in a custom which obliged every couple to be married first and have kids, we decided to think further about our marriage! I mean, this is huge, ah. I always wanted to have children, but never thought of getting married before. Because my life has been a reality TV shows which given me an example, you don't necessary to marry to have children.
I hope everything is fall in place this year. My goals is to make money and get a job. Maybe I will sign up to another university. I was thinking about hotel school. I will keep myself close to this blog.
Xo, Kristika