Happiness Projects

on June 27th 2010, my classmate and I had a great met @ Ngrembel, Semarang
we met each other and also missed each other! I completly missed my beloved was Bulbul, Ridha, and Ditta so much! also missed Ratih, Dian, Detta, Febrii, Bena, Retno, Karen, and Dian. We had a great holiday when we together. I shocked when opened my gift from Dina, she gave me a frog! althougt that wasn't real I still frightened it! It seemed real!
Hahaha but we had so much fun there! and Ngrembel's team gave us a gift 10R already photo.
We took a photo behind the build, but PHESPA wasn't complet without a friends who couldn't come there.
I've got a pic there