Barbie World

I believe most of you, exspecially for girls, ever played or bought Barbie Doll! right?
I bought it when I was child, I bought it every I've got a best score for my task at school or every I ask it to my mom, but my mom often bought me when I ask her, so she always bought me Barbie when I showed her my best attitude hehehe
I still saved my Barbie, it was gift from my uncle when I celebrated my 9/10th birthday.
I named her Kelly, my name was Kristika, we were had a similar alphabet, weren't we?
She was so beautiful but now her hair got broke because I often take care her hair, but she still beauty anyway.
She had about 7 different beauty shoe, she had some nice clothes too, actually I had 2 others Barbie, it named Cruella and Sissy.
I named her Cruella because her face just like Cruella in cartoon cruel character, her hair was red.
and Sissy, she had a beauty smile, she had a long hair but I cut it and I so sorry to Sissy :( Sissy was a cheerleaders, now all of her cheerleaders stuff was gone, hehe
I'll show my Kelly

She is beautyfull, isn't she?

It was her stuff

Me and Kelly :)