Bags Parade #1

I think my bags wasn't too much because I often buy some new bags this 2years, so I prefer to wear my old bags and re-make it to new again.
Example I add some ribbon to my bags, clean it so the colour will still good looking, keep it from dirty things, we always will complain about dust in our house, but it can not be avoided because the dust had become part of our lives, but we should still try to protect our favorite items to prevent it to damage because of dust and dirt.
I knew it's all my false because I didn't protect my items well, so they became dirt and broke, hm I really dissapointed with my self, some of them I bought with my own money.
Some of them were still good looking too, I'm happy to found it :)
I had more about 15 bags around this year, I bought it from 2006 to 2009, in 2010 I never to buy bags to add my collection, but I'll soon, I just trying to search a cheaper bag but they had a good quality.
My friends suggested me to buy in Johar Market, but I don't have enought time to around that market all alone, I really need friends to accompany me and lead me to show where was the good place to buy it.

I just found these bags

1. The colour was blue-tosca or green-tosca? I doubt with it, the brand was OINK!, I really loved OINK! stuff in everything. I bought it over years ago on 2006/2007
2. Gift from Thailand. the ornament was interesting, it drawed Elephants just like Thailand's symbol
3. My old mother's bag, I add a black ribbon into the right-side of this bag. The model was old hahaha ;}
4. Skull-bags. I love this one, but one of my friend already judge this bag as ALAY. You know what it mean! and since then I never wore it again, but I still love this bag :)
5. Malioboro-yellow-bag. because I bought it at Malioboro on 2008/2009. The bag was cheap hehe my sister had same bag but different colour. I love yellow ;p
6. My mother's bag too, I don't know, she bought much bags in her life, he bought better bag than me. why?
7. OINK! bag. My sister bought it on 2008. It was the most favourite bag by my friends, they liked this bag so much, I don't know why, maybe because the colour was gergous or the model was nice?
8. It was my favourite bag! Because the symbol was very big, it was oink's symbol, I really loved it! I bought it on 2006 with my own money!

I still had much bags to share but it's gonna be boring if I share the same things in one time. I'm gonna be sharing my own bag soon yeaaah.
So what about yours, girls? Had some bags to share too?
Love, Tika <3