School Tour: Face of Happiness

Riska and Hajid's card. We played UNO everyday :)
Mhamet and Lher on shoot too

Hajid and me, he was my bestfriend ;p

When I was taking a photo, Yuyun's hand just like fuck me! ;@

I wore my new uniform and Riska too, Riska shown her art
Riska bought it IDR 70.000 but I bought it only IDR 32.000
POUR RISKA! hahaha

Hajid, me, Mhamet(only half part), Riska

It was Yeny, she already crazy (fiowegfiowef94765r802%&^@($(!@%(~!!!)

His name was Putra :)
He was my friend since on junior high, we been on same class for this 3 years
Glad to know you, put! ;p

Riska with "YUNIZAR" on his hand, Yunizar was my deskmate
She say she was in love with him
It was Yuyun's made
My teach has us to made this for his exercise and I took it