Laugh and Love

Ever played 'ABC' ? The game was about guessed a named or everything you had ti decided it before you played the game. My boyfriend and I was playing it when she visited me just now.
We must extend our hand and then courted how many finger there, began to spell ABCs to fingers that we've spread, for example : we extend 5 fingers and so the alphabet come out is F ( A-B-C-D-E-F=5 )
Before we play the game we've to decided what name will we guees, example : title of song, animal, actrist, singer, actor, some ad.
You'll have so much fun!
I played this game w my boyfriend when I was lose! He answered : FALL FOR YOU for F and I didn't belive it he answered!
and then we laughed and had some activities that we did when we met, is Hug, Kiss, and Touch
we also did some fun stuff together.
You've to try it!
Love, Tika <3