School Tour: MOS

Ever joined MOS? I think most of you did. because it was the first step to studied in junior or highschool, wasn't it? I joined MOS in my school to see what kind of my bro's or sis's was, I think most of them was beauty and handsome
And when the parade was starting, I see the parade, and it was awesome! I know it doesn't mean "IT'S REALLY AWESOME" but it mean I enjoyed the performance
I took some pic there
this was me, Dita, and Kiki. Aga took the pic when the new student out
this was me(orange glasses), Linggar(white glasses), Ridha and Kiki(black glasses)
a girl who wore 'jilbab' named Linggar, the red glasses was named Riska, the black glasses was named Dilla, me and Ridha, we are bestfriend!
it was a part of event. Aga and Linggar was the host in this event. Great performance!

Most of the students was said it was not important, it was bored, it was annoyed! But I think it was a great moment when you in high school. when the first time you met your new friend, you met all kind of people who need to understood, you met a new bestfriend who will accompany you and maybe you met your new boyfriend. hehe because I met my (ex) boyfriend here, when the school was began you'll feel like 'is it me? I'm going an adult girl/boy now'
I imagined how was me when I wore a new uniform actually high school uniform, the teenagers called it 'Putih Abu-abu' times!
It was a great moment about happiness, sadness, friendship, love story, enemies, and togetherness.
Maybe when your relationship with your boyfriend has over, you'll hate him or maybe judge him with your bad think, but I guess it doesn't make sense, he/she will still and always be my friend, someday you'll need his/her.
When your friendship is not okay, try to make sense in your heart and stay on positive thinking, if they or your friends will not to ask apologize, will be nice if you ask it first because the great thing starting from positive thinking, right?

Love, Tika <3