New Us

Hey, I just get closer with my new classmate, I think it wasn't too bad! hihi we played UNO together with new friend, so we know eachother now. I'm so happy. I played UNO this 3days, and I was so amazed with Yuyun's game, he always win it when every game has been starting, and he was smarter than us in this game.
Bos su who always lose hahaha and me? average ;p
And I took a pic with Nia when my teacher doesn't teach.

hihi honestly, I took more pic I took about 9-10 photos hehehe I love photo because it was so fun.
and how about you, guys? Ever took much pic? I believe you did
how about your new class mate? Did you enjoy it? I don't mind to think if my class is bad or anything, because it is the last grade on high school, I'll do my best and show the world who I really am.
My class is 31 students who I didn't know they before, I never konw they well, just half of them. But, it's gonna be the nice begin
Love, Tika <3