Hey, I wanted to share about my look in past,10th grader 11st grader and junior high

1. This was me when I was on junior high, I feel more pretty than now, I've seen smaller and slimer, haven't I? The white one was me when I tried to copy harajuku style which on that moment, I did it, didn't I?
and the black one which I wore a black oink t-shirt was me when I tried to made my hair curly hihi
and the uniform one when I was on school in 8th grader, seems like a bad girl I think hehehe :)

2. and here we go, we were on junior high 9th grader, I started to knowing a metal music, gigs became my daily activities and I always show my good side when I took my pic, have you seen that? I was good, wasn't I?
p.s. : the ciggarates was real, I was a smoker when I was on 9th grader, but I really decided to STOP now!

and this was my pic with my friends

Enough? Now, I wanna show you my pic when I was on 10th and 11st grader

first I joined Paskibra team in my school but it's just for a while
second I went to my friend's birthday party
third I've been waiting for my friend brother's at Pensaga 2008
fourth I was on the canteen of school
fifth I went with my family
sixth I just wore my newer uniform hihi :)
There was my pic over months ago

My look now, hihi I think I'm fatty

I just wanted to share guys, hope you like it