School Tour: Farewell

This is it!! Just like Farah Quinn's words on the TV
I'll sharing about my holiday 3 weeks ago with my classmate, I've shared about it but I didn't share my other pics
This was me and my beloved classmate when we've been waiting for eating yihayyy
for right-to left = Detta (yellow), Febri (grey), Ditta (white), Ratih (black), Bulbul (blue), Bena (green grey), Dian (blue mario necklace, Me (red)

This was our gift which gave to us, how interesting!

This was us when was opening our gift, and don't forget to took the pic for memories :)

This was me and my lovely bestfriend there was Bulbul and Ridha, I love them so much! <3

I've been sharing you in my older post, haven't I?
So much here, and I hoped our togetherness would never be stopped by time or by everything
I love you, guys!! Love, Tika <3