You've been Gone

I know you do needed holiday time, everyone needed it, I'm not a selfish person as I wish it, but sometime my selfish side appears when you weren't on my side, when you forget to call me, sent me a message or just say "honey..."
Maybe the right answer is : I care about you too much
and sometime it killing me and brun my brain when I was thinking about you..
I don't know, do you think about me? I guees you're not
I always think about us, what if you've gone? what if I've gone?
Then, I prayed to God to give you His blessed to lead you go to home
I miss you already, Bimo
I know I've been selfish for now, but I'll always love you
I asked you to paint my name in to the sand
I just wanted to see how deep your love to me, hun
I don't wanted another wish

When you decided spent your holiday with your friends, I think it was a wise decided, I know you don't have to always spent your time with me, I know you needed a relaxing time, of course without me...

When you've been gone, I became a anger person, and I always said "you're the blame because ......"
I'm really sorry honey, it doesn't make sense when I angry to someone I loved.

Maybe I was a jealous person when you've been closer with your bestfriend, but your bestfriend was a girl, I know that I've been selfish person, but maybe you just don't understand what I feel
When she called you at that night and you say : "Wait a minute honey, N**** has called me, she wanted to tell me somethink.."
I answer with my wise side : "It's okay, call me later..."

Don't know why I just feel she has stolen your cared from me, she stolen your time from me. I know you wouldn't if your friends' time has broken because of me, I never would do that honey

I saw you with your yellow t-shirt, and I said : "I never seen this t-shirt before..."
..."This was gift from N****..."


Well, I didn't find a way to said it all to you, so I wrote it into my blog.