Parties: Great Ending of Euforia

We did a succes event on Nov 6th 2010
And we celebrated it with have a dinner together @ Pondok Daun, Marina, Semarang, eventough only a simple dinner but we have alot of fun
I really enjoyed :)

 this was us. but not completely

 white shirt : i don't whi she is, but she is schoolmate
red to black : Kopong Link Gudil me . we are best friends :*

 Link Kopong. both of them had a same smile

 Kopong Gudil Nishar(up) Tirta(up) Kiki Oci

Nishar Gudil
they had an amazing relationship fot this 2 years

 Hajid me . I love him :*

 Kiki me

 Gudil Nishar Tirta Kiki Amy Oci Kopong me Kristanto (bottom)

 me Oci Link Gudil Tirta(up)

 Tirta Kiki me Link Kopong Gudil Oci Kristanti Ulil and WP (bottom)

 Andri or P.K.



 Arinta or Tembil