Product: Loreal

I decided to using a LorealParis Smooth-Intense Care Shampoo series for protecting my hair from any damage and frizz (hopefully)

My hair was dry so that it needs more protection, from my old shampoo, I used Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution, Sunsilk Anti-Dandruff, Sunsilk Black Shine, Zinc, Emeron Black Shine and now I'm using Loreal Shampoo.
Hope this shampoo would give me a real nice-hair
Let me show you my old hair, it was bad! :(

For now, after take a shower fourt times and washed my hair with it, I try to make my hair looks better
I used a Mondial Mini Zebrata, for make my hair becomes straight, it was cheap only IDR 85.000, you can find them on kaskus.us or search it on Google.co.id
The size it only as an adult palm, small right? But, it will needs more time, usually I used a bigger one

cute right? It available in others color, you can order it from me!
Call me soon yaa