Bags Parade

Have some an old bag? still save it? share it to me
Now, I would tell about an old bag I have

1. This was my mom's bag, she bought it over years ago, it was a nice bag but as the time has flown, the bag now is already broken huuuu
2. I bought it at Malioboro, Jogja with a cheap price, this was my sister's bag
4. I bought it at Malioboro too, I bought it to my mom but she never wear it :(
5. This was my sister's bag, she do love this bag, she always wear it, but now she prever to keep this bag to her room because this bag was already broken :((
6. This was my sister's bag, she bought it at Lavender Ciputra Mall Semarang over years ago
7. This bag was a gift from my uncle, he bought it at Thailand
8. I love this bag! but my mom keep this bag at her room so I can't wear it anymore
9. This was my mom's bag

This was the detail picture number 1, it was already borken, wasn't it?
I don't know how to make this bag become a good like before again
tell me your idea if you know :)