Tips: Write


Writing skill is effective to be enhanced trough the understanding of genre, the acquisition of good linguistic competence.
Writing comes in the third level the structure of language skill after listening and speaking. As it comes in the third, it becomes the representation of the result in the listening and speaking activities. It is true that, before writing to be realized, someone has to ever hear and speak words, phrases, clauses and senteces.
Writing is the activity of using laguage and people use language as a means of community for a certain target to reach. In order that the messages to be effective, they should be relieved in the correct use of grammatical pattern in each senteces
Genres understanding and good acquisition of linguistic competence will certainly guarantee the effectiveness of written text.
People may be writing anything they wanted, but they should knowing about the grammartical they used to. They should be aware about purpose of writing something. They may writing anything but they should not writing about someone's bad or tease someone.
Writing is important for an active student. Writing could be expression way to show or tell something. It is good for grind the brain and controling an emotion.
Writing is more usefull, everybody has to wrote something in it life, and every school have to given a writing lesson : How to writing as a good grammartical or in Indonesia it called as EYD (Ejaan Yang Disempurnakan). Because of it, there is a Language lesson in every school.
Some student getting bored if they have been taught this lesson, because they thought they have been knowing as well how language was.
But, most of student got a bad score for Languange : Indonesia language or English language.
Writing is used as communicative. People did not realized that they always writing something. For example, people writing to expression what they felt in social network, in Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, Yahoo!, Blogger, etc. They could not speak or listen someone on social network, even there is some social network that have a facilities to used a web camera or sounds. But they have to write first.

In this way, I would like to tell you that writing is not bad habbit, if you were someone who really loved to writing you should not to bothering them or want to stop them to writing something, it was their right.

I loved to writing something, even my understanding of grammar is not completly good. I'll always trying to writing :)