Travel: YK's Loves

My friend my B and I went to Yk on December 2010

Red Ticket to Yk by Joglo Semar IDR45000

before take a long trip

Galang and Nyeks

I get some food on the bus, pretty good I think

Silliness B and Fafa

Galang and Fafa

My B and I at Alun-alun Yk

Nyeks and Galang

Bikeyyy :Me and B

at Galang's Grandma's home:Me and Nyeks

Sweety Nyeks and Galang

Crazy Ciak\m/

Both of 'em is crazzzzyyyyy

Look at his pose? Is he good? I doubt it

Again...he is tottally insane!

My fave pose w/ B

Did you think the same thing w/ meh? Actually, what they did?

B at Parangtritis Beach

He made this :)

Took some photo

Galang and Nyeks

Again...he is crazy

Me at Malioboro

Cute rings

he bought a dumb glasses

Nyeks bought this

we made twins rings

Me and B had a dinner

Last day on Yk :Me and Nyeks

Tea time at Namburan

Goodbye Yk, we had so much fun when You around us, we would come back soon! I never stop love every way of you!