TBRCS virus

Have you guys ever feel 'TBRCS virus' ? I think you don't know it because even my mom don't know about that, TBRCS virus is Tired But Really Can't Sleep virus, this virus attacks your brain, naturally when you get tired, your brain gives the order to your body to rest, sleep or just close your eyes, and some people like go to spa.
This is my recomendation when maybe that virus attacks you :
1. Tidy up your room, I know your room, especially for girl's room, sometimes when you clean up at midnite, you'll found your losing things, and you'll completly suprise with your founded thing, and you'll find another possible losing things you can found, you'll be really busy, and when your room is pretty clean, you'll need your bed!
2. Folding and stacking your clothes according to color, okay this is awkward when you fold your clothes and sort by color, but trust me! It needs much time even looooong time to finish, so when you finish fold and sort 'em, you'll be more sleepppyyyyy and need your bed!
3. Reading a science book, maybe it sounds bad, but most of science book is only black and white, it will makes your eyes is work harder to read and also makes your brain work really harder to push it in your memories room, quickly you'll sleep.
4. Writing something that it'll need alot of brain's work! I mean, write something about science, math, biology. Don't write about love!
5. Make something, grab some stuff around you, think for a while and create some things! Example: make clutch bag from your bra, make an amazing purse from your underwear (I'll do that in time)
6. Make up your self!

For these following suggest about what could you do to sleep if TBRCS virus attacks, I prefer to last recommendation!
This virus attacked me last Sunday, suddenly I grab my make up case and stairs in to the mirror and make up my self. Honestly, it makes me pretty busy, and more tired, sooooo I feel more sleeeppyyyyyyy and really need my bed!
So, what yours?
This is it!

Kristika Dwi Candrasari
December 2011