College Tour: Photograph

College-days is over! and I'm ready for long loong looong time hybernate for about 2 months later!
But, I'm gonna did something good, I'm going to work soon! Still can decided what kind of job I'll do, but Giordano's SPG or Shop Keeper can be most possible choices.
And, it means, I probably can't meet and gather as usuall w/ my mates, huuuuuu so sad! Actually, we still can meet but it'll not same anymore, all my-overseas-students-friends is going home, that's why it'll never can be same without 'em. A bit worried is appear when I was thinking about next semester, and it'll make us perhaps isn't together anymore ;(
Miss 'em alot!
 It was our first taken pic together when Photography at Undip Pleburan on Friday noon. They're my photography-group-mates. right to left: (up) Reni Sarah Mumun Brenda Me Ojan Sukron (down) Tian Gilang Yuyun Kiki and Pimpim. Can't wait to see you guys on later college-days ;')
 Public Relations class2 year2011
What I wore = top:green flowery unbranded top
You guys are totally cool!