I began to remember, a things are bit forgotten at the time of New Year's Eve a few days ago. Honestly, I really hate trying to remember something I hadn't remembered. Istayed at Brenda's houes with some classmates until Thursday night, and I go home when I entered the room and put my bag on the desk, my attention was fixed on the trumpet with a cone hat next to a desk. Finally, I remember everything about that night
  • Home alone
  • My mom was attending some regular social gathering on next-door
  • My dad is with my mom
  • My sist was visiting her in-laws house w/ her husband and Rakka
  • My boyfi made ridiculous reason refusing for spending new-year-ever w/ me
  • My mates already has another plan
  • There’s no idea to spend with
  • There’s not enough snacks at home
  • My boyfi’s got me going crazy!
Fiuh, damn!