Baby's Day Out

Today, my sist and I decided to went to DP Mall Semarang for monthly shopping and also introducing to the world the cutest baby in the world! RAKKA!
This was the first time for Rakka having his shopping time with his mom and I. And also having his time for drive his own toy-car. So cute right?

I was wearing sist's clothes. I called it as bats-clothes. I was wondering maybe this's me when I pregnant a years later. My sist told me she bought it when she was pregnant. Okay, that's why it's bats-clothes. But it's lovely ones.
Guess what, I feels like be a mom for a whole day. Having Rakka in my arms, and feeds him toddler biscuits, or maybe just holds him when he already wants to cry. I can see people sight when they saw me holds Rakka. Maybe they toughts, 'Hey look, there's young beauty mom just holding her child in her arms'
Anyways, it's sounds bothering me sometimes, but I just can't take my eyes from Rakka actually. Rakka is been like my child. Rakka is family child! I just take this became my early-lesson-having-a-child. Hopefully I could be a good mom soon for 6 to 7 years later. Amin!

Tiring day ;)