Good morning everyone in Indonesia. And have a nice day to you all which not an Indonesian.
Not sleeping all day makes my brain is work harder and sometimes you'll need it, I mean not sleeping for several days like me! Not sleeping for several days are not a good things, because it body is doing alot of activities during we close our eyes, but I think I just gave my body enough time to do all that 3 days ago when I woke up at 1pm. It was a loooonggg time to sleep I think, right?
Okay, during this time not sleeping for this 2 days makes me thoughts much things to do like tidy up my bedroom (again), writer something usefull and send it to magazine office, make a cute pic to placed in my blog page, and last get my self pretty. You know, all girls like to do that, I think.
Back to my main problems is actually my reasons why I didn't sleep in many days because I couldn't sleep even just a second. It really makes me losing my mind, because I already tired and really really wants to gets my pillow behind my head, gets my two little piggy in my side and having a sleeping-beauty time.
People called it usually as Insomnia. I don't know what kind of problems happened to me but it's funny actually if I stop to thinking that I really wants to sleep. Not sleeping is renew my mind I think.
So this is what I've been doing when not sleeping for several days :
# Browsing an amaze pictures and photos
# Downloading many new fonts
# Make my new-own-course-time-schedule design

Until now, I prefer won't to sleep