Say "Whoaaaa"

Good afternoon Indonesia, and for all of you in universe.
I've always pig things, do you love 'em too? I loved 'em since I was junior high, it's been a most doll in my bedroom. And since I visited one of distro in my town, I found it! OINK THE PIGGEST COMPANY!!
That's why my url link blogspot address was oinkbundell.blogspot.com , my Friendster display name was OINK BUNDELL , and my YM, my email address, and I used OINK BUNDELL in every internet account.
Bundell means Fat and couldn't grows taller. That's me! I think my body couldn't grows taller anymore.
And I've always opened oinkthepiggest.blogspot.com , I loved this ones

Interesting? Get them on oink!