Magazine Rush

I've got some girly magz, soooo coooooooooooooool! Those are Girlfriend August Edition I bought it because I read there's a One Direction inside their catogory in 2 pages full. I love it! 
And, CosmoGirl September edition. So cool because I love every single page of them in fashion, knowledge about fashion, celebrity, beauty, and also lifestyle. So, when I read a category: Ih Serem (Ih Creepy), so I'm started to write own experience about seeing another creature a.k.a. ghost. That was so great because I also read Aduh! I was wondering ang thinking my embarassing experience, and I couldn't remember but I'm sure there is.
I was completly obssesed w/ Too Cool For School products, even I never even used and see them. Love at the first sight, I was those product could be in my town soon so that I don't have to travel to Jakarta just to get them or pay more online to get them.