Quote, Quite

I never been understood about an idea of good words and also learned words. That's why I never been keeping in one idea of any one of those things which is also good to learned and remember. I also too often found out so many good words which we called 'quote' on internet, twitter, facebook, even now on magazine. There's so many people's quote good to remember and to rewrite, even we claimed that our own words. I even don't know why I wrote these and discussed about it, and don't know where's it ends.
Everybody's loves quote, everybody does. And everybody does to make them with their ways. After researching for about this last couple of...hours, finally I could took someting about quote. Quote has been made in the silent a.k.a quite.
Why I says so? Because that's what I learned. Even maybe few of them made by spontan. But that must be a good words to influences another one to tells that it must to be a good words. If I have a chance to write my own quote and it would be run the world so everybody knows, it would be: 'silent sometimes make u even better or even worst, because silent are the climacs of crowde and also the beginning of crowd'
I know my words isn't good.