Actions, Cheerful and Fantastic

Lesson learned came from unexpected day
Couple days ago, I and whole class mates including junior and senior of Public Relations, Universitas Diponegoro, went to Bandungan to spend our weekend together to share and get to know each other better. It was called as TEKA (Temu Keakraban).  It was an annual event for each department in each faculty. I've got a great honour to be TEKA planner this year with my classmates.
It was so great and so much fun inside. I really enjoyed my self in became a new family member in our own family of Public Relations Universitas Diponegoro. I felt like I was reborn again to get sticking with each person and reenter to be the newest member in my own family. Such fun thing, I also kinda sad and unawarely my tears already dropped into my cheeks. Good thing was none seen those!
Half of the planner already get there, they were prepared for whole show in main room of those motel. Whole of junior and some few planner are ride by bus on Friday 2pm. I thought, this is gonna be a gold chance for me to proove that I am a good socialite.
When we get there, it was raining all evening, even our jacket which is supposed to be make us dry it became to wet and cold soon. Day by day we succesed make it through and great. Kak Roby was our senior, and he presented a new lesson I think it is so worth to listen. 'Passion' : as desire, willing, etc. In mine, passion is something that we love and we doing. He says we had to followed our passion and do what we must to do and do what we liked to do.
Performance nite, I and my team named as KOLOR (please u don't wanna know what it meant), were prepared for our performance, we decided to gave 'Hip Hop Ballet'. I did it pretty well and so were they, especially the boys they did ballet very well like they ever did before.
The following day, Sunday. Awards was ready to tells and I don't know this at all, even my friends didn't tell me! My team that I guide (I'm with Galih btw) won for Best Team. I was so greatful, and pesimism at the first because my team doesn't won any outbond games. Luckyly, we won one game, I think that would be enough. I went home with proud and great honor won the award. Thanks to KOLOR, to Daud, Cici, Arum, Febi, Marsa, Andika, Hanip, please forgive me I forgot to mention her, I don't know her name (yet)
Sunday, we're leaving and on the way home, with millions great memories!

Had a quick breakfast with Gombloh, Bagus & Gigih
 Our last breakfast
My fourth girls! Love them all!
Quick taken pics with people!

Arrived in Semarang, met boyfriend, and I ate all of these! I AM SUPER HUNGRY.