New Year's Eve Journey

2012 is officially passed and 2013 is obviously coming and now it's February!
So, last new year's eve, I spent with my bf and his friends by my bf's car and we planned to went to higher ground. In my perspective, I would be on top of montain, which is so deadly impossible bcs I'm not a walker person. And my other perspective was I would be with my bf, all alone, have a car trip out town, have nice two cup of hot choco, but, this was I've got. It's okay, than our second new year's eve at 2011, so deadly bad. I spent my nye alone at home, and so was him. Why? Bcs we both had a big test came on next day, 2nd January.
Enough with my talk, and actually this was my first time went to place named Dieng. Did u know Dieng had the highest village on Central Java? That was what I know from my mates. We left Semarang at 3pm, and if u ever travel with boys there was a real things u'll dealing:
1. Boys are always late
2. Boys are always less preparation
3. Boys are always boys
And, we arrived in Wonosobo to have late lunch, our meal: Bakso!!! Do u have any idea what Bakso is? Here I give u about bakso. And we ready to continue our trip. It was rain all trip long and almost fogs were covering us and it was pretty cold, thank God I wore hoodie.
 Our newly cutie tiny little bag from Dickies

So when we almost arrive at Dieng, we stood by to mosque to did an Ashar and a Maghrib shalat. I brought my nye's stuff, and the boys didn't, so I'd to spare it. When we arrived at Dieng, there was so many people there and looked like they having their own party. When we walked around, I saw the cutest scarf ever with Dieng on it, it was yellow and thick. But, I decided to leave bcs I'd to manage my money as well.
So we ready to countdown, but I felt sleepy and really really need to sleep. So I slept untill new year, and my bf has wake me up, and we went outside the car and see glorious magnificent firecrackers on skies. Thanks god for those such a great moment.
I wore a simple outfit for NYE especially when i went to somewhere cold and higher:
Top: unbranded/ Leather Jacket: unbranded/ Bottom: Dual/ Sandals