Travel: Love

It's been a months for me to think about whole holiday vacation stuff. And I realized, its been suck for me as a student, for leaving all those things. I loved holiday, or vacation or trip. What I meant trip here was not just a regular trip, trip to holiday. I'm not practiculary holiday person all the time, but I was. Everybody does loved holiday! I took 12 hours trip went to Yk w/ B by bike. Pretty cool ha? Even we drove pink bike, it was shame for us, more for me. But she did great job about taking me to somewhere I'd like to be, and she never letting me down so far. She was Beth the Bike. We left town at 11am, 3 hours trip, had lunch in Magelang, and arrived in Yk at 2-3pm, caused the rain was going crazy, hurts our hands, and eyesights. And, left Yk at 7pm. Took about 3 hours to went home. But, one thing I loved about Yk was always love around and cute stuff I can bought at Malioboro for sure, and another joys thing when doing nite shopping was: lower price. And note: Don't ever agreed for first offering. Don't ever afraid arguing about the price. Don't ever gives money if we didn't make a deal yet.