Yuwono's Trip To The Megapolitan

So, B is left for his cousin wedding in Jakarta to Purwakarta which is he's going to be a far way apart me :( sounds overated, but it does! He left on Thursday (04/11) and go home at Sunday (04/15) and i've been through these thing before in our years relationship and left a huge guilt and pain between us bcs the most ridicilous thing ever: missunderstood. But this time, he left with my smile on my face and cuddling before he's going, nice :D

When he went home already, we met on Monday with all kind of flies around above me i ran out and hug him tight hihihi and we went to his house and have no idea why we just did. And, i borrowed his camera for doing my video project which is for his gift on his birthday on January hihi he such a fool! I stole these pics from his camera hihi!