Rest In Peace, Lavender

Ah, another shocked disaster and i knew it happening soon or later i just don't think it happens that fast, it's been 6 years she struggling with me, and also tasting me. She knew how i looks, how i smiles, and how i was on behind her lens. Thank God, u gave me these amazing camera! Ah, it such a relieve how i can eventually write down something about her. Anyways, it's been a long time since my latest post, i'm so sorry for that it's been a crazy time ever, and i started wondering maybe i was punishing bcs letting my blog empty and all alone for a while, i hope it wasn't.
So, rest in peace: Lavender (recently i changes her name), i will lay u on a decent place i ever made: ur box. And, takes a picture of u for the last time. Btw, i have no idea why she's going to broken, the thing that i remembered was i'm going to filming my friend for my video project and suddenly she just went off, like OFF. Hm, okay. Bye Lavender, i'm going to purchases a new ones, but not now. :D