Wild Road, Wild Bike

Last Thursday we all gone to Salatiga attended our beloved uncle and his daughter will be married and she invited us all to witnessing her beautiful day. We took a road down and ride our bike nicely and i drove my bike nicely and properly. It was quite a long road and the weather was not friendly at all, all road long. We (sister, dad, mom, brother, sister, aunt and i) fight to weather and wind. And because it was quite a long road way, my sister and i had to prepare to every emergency cases so we brought all needed stuff into our purse. And, those ankle boot is the perfect choice to take a long bike road because it will cover my feet and keep them warm and protect from heat. We took a rest at Salatiga's mushola and take a deep breathe to contines our way. Just take a look Rakka! He still bringing his 'car' and he loves it.
Here we goes! The wedding is about to started and i placed my self right behind my mom and waiting to congrats the bride and groom. And, finally im eating something! There is wedding, then i can not missed to the outfits! Because i drove a bike, i didnt wear something unwearable like skirts, tanks, any accesories, or dresses.
Food was nice
And, this is might be the only time for us to met families at Yk. Which is always been like funny and happy moments every time we have met. Plus, i catched the moments when see my niece and nephew is growing up and my uncles, aunties, cousin. This is a RARE time we only had like once or twice a year.
Look at Chika! Isnt she the cutest?
Meet my cousin! Edo!
And take a look to my aunt (left) and my mom (right). They look soo sisters. 
Boots! Who else didnt love boots?
Mom outfits: Top/Carolina Kasosi
Found these lovely bracelet from mom's closet and i stole it out :p
This is what i made all nite for the bride. I know what u think it was ugly :(
The wedding was over. We are all coming home BUT stopped by in my aunt's home (dad's younger sister) to resting and having a lunch plus dinner.
 Just unwrapped a wedding gift! SO useful

 I'm wearing: Blouse: City Girl, Jeans: Dual, Boots: Undiscovered

Lets sneek out to my aunt's lovely purse (is it clucth or purse?)
And, i just love any golden things and especially when they combined with black or dark color it makes them so much elegant and classic. I asked her if i can owned those clucth and she just said NO :p

And, i will give u all some tips if u want to take a bike road and have to drive for hours :
1. Make sure ur bike are good. Check ur wheels, oil condition, gas etc
2. Wear a jacket, glows, shocks, sneakers even better, face mask, and sunglasses. Jacket is for keep u warm or keep u screen out of sun, glows are for cover ur hands out of sun, shocks are for cover ur feet as well, sneakers are for make ur step more moveable even when u decide to to wear a flats its up to u!  Face mask, should i have to explain? Cover from a road dust of course! And sunglasses are for keep ur eyes nice and keep out of sun.
3. Bring water, snacks, tissue.
4. Bring plastic bags.
5. Bring a sandals and other needed shoes.
6. Be careful. In my case, i drove in fresh condition and ready to drive condition.