Uni Us Volume One : Natural / Colored Hair

Today I'm so happy I finally could launch my new topic / categories as known as Uni Us. The concept is pretty simple, I and all of you are goin' to talk about what girls and boys talking to their friends. It's basicly a unisex topic. Took me almost amonth to make a perfect name but I finally found it. SO my very first post of Uni Us label are goin' to talk about Natural / Colored Hair. Let's get started!

I asked friends of mine lately which one they likes, natural hair or colored hair. The answers are variative, but the boys are the highest number who picked they prefer to natural hair color and the girls are the opposite. According to my boy friends, lemme introduce you to Sombret (nickname), Gilang, Bimo (my boyfriend), my dad, Dicky, Eka and Tian. They says natural hair is way more sexy and less fake. Why they say fake? Because it does fake. I think they still have those primitive understanding of changing a thing to human body, this point is the hair. It's fake because the more you try the less you will look pretty. I represented all Asian girls who basicly have a dark and more to black hair, it was kinda plain after all. Yes it does. SO what we do is just coloring them to bold and fearless color and we're trying to follows the trends, aren't we? Let's move to the topic why boys like natural hair. Gilang, my classmate, her girlfriend was perfectly natural hair and he loves it. He told me if girls coloring their hair they didn't thankful as what they had and less confidence. Sombret said so, but he can be tolerant if the color weren't too bright or stay in natural hair rules, like brown and bruenette for Asian. Bimo, my boyfriend, he refuses to say I'm the prettiest girl in the world since I colored my hair to soft ginger, which still in progress right now to Katie Shelton's ginger hair. Compared to my first medium-bright brown which more bold than before. So far, he still loves me anyway. Dicky, Eka and Tian is the powerful undoubtful voices. They surely disagree to colored hair. They say it's lame and just not great.
As you can see my boys disagreed and one of them are toleranted. I can't understand why they hate so much when the first time we talked. Finally I've got an answer but not answering every questions. The answer is maybe they want a natural girl, confindence on what they was and what they had, maybe it is way more sexy, maybe? But one of them can be tolerants to colored hair because I think he just accept what he saw at the first time, I mean if he met a girl who have been colored he was okay about it, but if he met a girl who used to have a natural hair and constantly coloring it, he can't deal with it, he hated it, to prevent any fake beauties. Not in extreme ways like plastic surgery. He likes to stay in natural and not spoiled. I've got the answer by now and I can deal with it and be cool about boys' thoughts. And I asked them if they ever see a boy with a serious contrast color in his head, what will they think? They answered they don't really care about it and life is too precious to figures out why people do somethin' even at least they will have a whispering sounds to their friends.

Now, let's walk to the girls. We have my self, Ersa, Adien, Farensia, Devi and Linda. All of them are my girl friends and Ersa was my twin. Me, Adien and Farensia were coloring our hair to very light brown. We love it alot. We are fearless and be our selves. We colored our hair because we want to experimenting to our life remember since it's only goin' once, there's no second life after all. I managed my life to be bold and fearless, I like it I'll do it, I don't like it I'll try. I'm goin' to finish my ginger project by January and be rock, and goin' to have an ombre hair in the end of 2014. Adien had been colored her hair since she graduated high school to bright brown, Farensia's done extensioned her hair last month with very-light blonde but unbleached. The healthiest colored hair goes to Adien, she had a wonderful thick shinny hair with a perfect natural wavy hair. The secrets is an at-home treatment. I don't want to discuss further thing about how to do an at-home hair treatment, sorry not this time. Adien is also recoloring her hair into somethin' more bright light and glows, Faren is now adapting her self on extensioned hair treatment, as me is still searchin' for the next step of ginger. And lemme tell you about Devi & Linda. They had a dark + slab black hair because they toning their hair to black everytime their hair is redness because the sun rays. That makes their hair soooo dificult to be coloring into brown or other color because the black pigment was absorbing. Good thing they don't want any brown or other color, they just want black. They says they want to keep Indonesia's beauty hair and it's black hair is just too pretty to be change. I agreed with them and somehow I disagree. It's personal I think. Linda was natural straight and Devi was rebonded, they both barely tied their hair even when the sunny hot days that's the thing I don't understand until now. They kept in black while everyone went ginger or ombre or bleached. And about my twin, she has a natural dark hair, she never tone it to black or to other color either, she stay natural. When I inciting her to follow the ginger way she refuses and unincited. When I asked to them if your boy friends is coloring his hair to unusual color such as blonde, blue, green, purple and stuff, are they like it? They have no doubts answering 'no' like hell to the no. As me I will answer the same exact thing as they did. I mean this is Indonesia my man, we are a closed culture with a serial afraidness of other incoming culture, like western culture. Even we, the teenagers and the young people are open minded to see it coming. You can't walk to sidewalk with mini skirt, strapless dresses, over-knee boots, hat, thick layer of coats or sweaters and stuff. You know what I mean? You and I can't be joking about our culture flock of Indonesia, it may seems sooo weird. And back to hair, for western / europe guys who had colored hair such as blonde, white, bruenette, brown, ginger, grey or black it's not so weird if you want to coloring your hair, but for us it is. I don't know, I just can't explain the reason. There's some new weapon called hair-chalk it will helps you to break your problems if you're guy and girl who want to have shocked color. I think boys who coloring their hair to unusual colors have a huge ball to do it without any regrets or frights. And they're extremely cool, too. But not in here. I was perfectly happy checkin' out the normal hair guy.
See? There's so many good reason to agree / disagree about natural / colored hair, for boys and girls. Each species have their opinions to stand for. We can't make them in the same vocal voice since men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

What we can took from here is boys are literally hated colored hair girls even not all of them, one or some of them is still toleranting, and the girls loves colored hair and some of them is not. It's personal.

WHY GINGER? I've been receiving alot of question why I love ginger hair and why I don't interested to ombre hair and now I decided to tell you why. I love ginger hair because since seeing Molly Ringwald at The Breakfast Club & Sixteen Candies and Johnny Be Good cast the lady seduced Johnny Walker when they were at football field. And since I found Elle's article on 40 best redheaded months ago. Katie Shelton from Skunkboy Blog is also my biggest inspiration! Now, my hair is half-ginger on top and because I was gettin' too busy for coloring, I left them to rest for a while.
And yes. My first Uni Us is done!

xo. krist.