Can't Stop, Won't Stop Eating

That another Monday, I mean like three weeks ago. I started my day with a typical morning class which is Monday for me, would be like horrific, and plus I don't want to look pathetic because I'm going to have a lunch with my friends, Uli & Kokom. That day was the most terrificly busy Monday, ever. Those makeups above pretty much saving me during the day.
I love about my outfit by the way. Don't you think so? It's a combination of Autumn and abit of Summer I guess. I love that necklace I stole from my aunt's closet. Glad I left her a note and she calls my mum right aways she read my note. 
Did I tell you our Monday here was for eat? I wouldn't mind actually. I'm getting so tired counting every calories I've eaten this year. Now it's time to revenge. First I had an individual lunch at Mc Donald's while I was waiting for Uli & Kokom. You know, dating with late people never do you good. I forced my self to resist my dtarve. Fries & Iced Coffee sounded good. And she was coming after, two hours.
We had our main lunch with Pizza & Garlic Bread. It was so kinda the most exciting lunch I ever had. I don't know why I could say that. I ate seven slices of pizza! It was so nice!
Then we had dinner at Basilia. Nice place to hang out and nice place to go to waiting the rain stop. We actually would like to having our dinner outside and have some stargazing. But there was no stars, and it was rain.
I made a funny when I took a photographs of Uli. She have no idea what I was doing. I found Breaking Dawn novel and started to read it. Our beer was so great. We had 3 beer. This place might be the greatest place ever to capture your aha moments. Like mine. 
Top: c/o Avenue, Skirt: unbranded, Tights: unbranded, Sneaker: c/o Converse, Bag: unbranded, Bracelet: all bought in Malioboro Yk, Necklace: aunt's

I really enjoy every single pieces of pizza I ate. It was one day where I could find a pleasure of eating. Which I've lost it in many years. Thank you for willing be my date. xo