School Game: Play, run, and win!

oh i'm so excited when my teachers said we are gonna play rounders!! yippi! i played it when i was on primary school, actually i'm not a good player but i'm a good screamer(*screamer means supporter). but i stand to not to play at the game, teacher said that the game only for the boy, the girls doesnt have an opportunity :(
but i still being a screamer! my voice is loud i think? my friends said that, lol!
my friend Aga was so pity, his group doesnt understand how to play! he said 'kelompok ku pinter2 yaaa!!" hahaha but i know what he mean.
ive got an image, much image! see

He was my classmate, his name was Nova, he was a leader on a paskibra organization, when he was on field he was so serious but when he was in class, he was so silly and stupid person!

and his name was Aga, my teacher called him Mano, because his name : Agasetyo Manohoro
hahaha his voice was soooo shrill!! but he was a funny boy and an inteligent boy! he was a guitarist on GOOD BYE ALICIA
 and once again a stupid personn!!! his name was Kembel!! hahaha i dont wanna talk about him, he was to funny to discuse hihi
and this pic is about my best on class! their name
her lil' secret 
Ridha or we called her as our Momy! because her face older than us hhihiii
Ditta, she was a misterious girl
My stupid girl as Afrianeke or BULBUL, she was my chair mate for 2 years! i love her sooooo :)

and all person who joined on this game that i couldnt read on my blog muahhh