never forgive you

and i saw at my ex's facebook, i remember that my bestfriend said to me, he was made that song to me, hm at the first time i heard that i dont believe that! because i thought he hate me! suddenly i knew if he made a song for me, he still loved me? hahaha its just my stupid thought!
and i copied these lyrics from his facebook, i read the note that he wrote, and SPEECHLESS!!! i cant believe it! i thought its all about me! all about my love story w/ him at my past, im happy but i cant lie that im sad.
let me show you the lyrics :

i know you know we are number one
but you broke my heart with your mistakes
i'm not aware you broken me

now i lonely without your heart and you
but i'm happy while i making love with you
when im thinking and when im saying

when i see star
in the beautiful sky
and i think about you are the breaker of heart
if i meet you for the last time
and i will remember you forever

you always bring me on badness
you are the trouble maker
you are just stupid clown
start now i don't care 

thank you my 9 months, it was an amazing 9 months w/ you
we laughed, we smiled, we loved us, we loved each other
i gave you my all and you too :)
ill never forgive our love that we made together
it doesnt mean ill always waiting for you back to me again
it means... i love you my bodoh
i love you at my past, now we just can be a bestfriend, bestfriend ever!!
thank you for the song that you made for me :)