Grab my Happiness from here♥

So, I began to think to write a blog about this since many of my friends who write a same things on their facebook about their loving with their school, and then I thought, hm, I also wanted to write my love to my school now, and I started writing.

Well, I studied in 6 high school, Semarang, I never think to study there because I wanted t study in another school, because my score wasn't enough to attend the school which I liked, I decided to registered in 6 high school, first time I hate the school because the school was to close with my school before, it really bored!
No longer, I felt different when I studied in 6 high school, the school wasn't too bad, a friends was kind, a teachers wasn't too bad actually many of them was too bad!

I really felt it when on grade 11, I felt togetherness, kindness, happiness and other fun things, I think my school wasn't bad with another good school in Semarang
Okay, my school wasn't a car showroom which in parked area was full of car, but I don't want to find it, I just wanted to find a happiness there, a people there wasn't too rich, maybe most of them was rich but they wouldn't show their rich things, I love them so much!

Althought in every class had a some group or different name, I felt they wasn't too care about it, we are sister, we are brother!
Oh my school, don't let us down, don't let us makes you dirty with a smoke, with a trash, with a bad things, I'll make my school is proud of me and proud had a students like us, friends!
I love you!
actually I loved a social class! POSONE, MARIO,LAS PEGAS and my beloved one PHESPA 
Hugs and Kisses for you, guys!