All In: Surfer Girl

on February 14th 2010 I left my town and went to BALI! the khilaf Island, why? because party won't stop! and I realized all I did there wasn't me! that was somebody else, hahaha kidding. I went to Bali with all of my friends in 6highschool, we drove bus and ship, it was so fun!
and I really want to visit this shop! SURFER GIRL or Surfer Girl I have been dreaming it since I was on primary school.
When I was on junior high school, my friends bought me some bag, a bag was pink and surfer girl, I love it so much, and I'll someday visit that place. and I took some photos when I visited Surfer Girl at Bali in Legian

When I entered the shop, I saw an uniq headband, but it cost @ Rp.52.000, so I thought this stuff wasn't usefull to me, wasn't it?

My friends and I was taking a photo at viting room and behind the shop.
With our shopping bag, I brought 3 stickers, 1 yellow purse, and some canvas bag to protect our earth from plastic bag!

It was so funny experience! I enjoyed the moments there, but I've to get back Semarang on the next day, I hope so could back and walking at the night again in Bali, exspecially in Jalan Legian, and other interesting place, I think every place in Bali was so interesting!
And I still saved this!

I love to shopping in Surfer Girl

Now, Surfer Girl on Facebook make us easy to shop althought we aren't in Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya or where Surfer Girl shop is, we can chooise a newer stuff from Surfer Girl. I'm interesting with this stuff so much, I want to buy, but my money is not enough
They are too cute to buy, aren't they? I must save more money so that I can buy this stuff someday. Hopefull!
And you can order one of them on Surfer Girl on Facebook
Happy holiday everyone!