Girl's Movie Time

My holiday wasn't fun! I spent my first-day with totally bored day!

Yesterday I watched ORPHAN with Citra, Chevia, and Putri , a film was so scared! I screamed during a film was playing, a film about a girl was named Esther, she was 33yearsold but looks liked 9years old girl, actually her named was Leena, she came from a Rusian, a years ago she killed a man which rejected her love, and fired a house she lived, she always did cheat a family to adopted her, she always brought a bible.
No wonder if this film was one of the scared film i ever seen before

and after we watched ORPHAN, we watche A MOMENT TO REMEMBER, it was one of the Korean movie, a film was belongs to drama-romantic movie. the movie was story about a girl was names Kim Su-Jin, and a boy was name Chooi-Sin or Chool-Sin, i forget his name! Kim Su-Jin was affected by Alzheimer's disease, pour Su-Jin, and when she was 27, she forget all of her memories in her brain, she forget her husband a named Chooi-Sin, her family, a way to home, a way to go to office, how to cook, how to read, and everything she did in her past, but her husbabd wasn't giving up to take care of her, but when Kim Su-Jin realized that she just made her husband sad, she decided to go in a rehabilitaton. She sent a letter to her husband and told him that she was okay and she hoped her husband could forget her and married with someone else. Chooi-Sin decided to go to Su-Jin's place, when they were meet, Su-Jin was already forget all. and you have to watch the film. 

Happy holiday everyone!