I want this gadget so much!.

My phone was broken a months ago, it makes me to use my dad's phone, the phone was too old to me, the phone was small, and the keypad seems like a pregnate woman, the battery couldn't in charge, so I must rechange my battery with my sist so many times, makes me so tired! huh but I'd like thank to my dad he would borrow me his phone :)

And this 5 months I still used that phone, bored? sure? wanna to get newer phone? I do!
I just had one problem, my mom doesn't buy me that! she said, she don't have money, hmm I know mom, but I need it nowwww!!!

So, I grab my google chrome to find a phone! the phone must be cheap, interesting, luxurious model, full music, good resolution camera, and one important think! NOKIA! I don't want another brand! only NOKIA haha, and i found it!

Nokia x3 was same model, same fiture, same brand, and same in anything thing, the price was 1,6-1,8jt, it is not too expensive is it? but I know my mom couldn't buy me that :(
I want the red one! Yeahhh, soon or later, I will use it! heheh