School Tour: Random

ever school before? so actually you've already felt this way before
remind this moment guys!
I'll be missing you so much

 stupid pose :x

 me Yuyun (try to GAUL*) *GAUL mean famous in our word

 me Yeni Riska Fahmi

 Putra me Yuyun

 me :)

 Nia me

 me Yuyun

both of it was me

Nickname :
# Nia, we called her Nyenyek, I dont't why but she told she've got that nickname from Hasfi
# Yunani, we called her Greece. because Yunani means Greece in English
# Yunizar or Yuyun
# Fahmi, we called him Lher
# Riska, we called her Kopong because he stupid just like an empty brain (kopong in bahasa mean goblok/bodoh/tolol, in English mean stupid)