Euforia: Indonesian Culture

Im so sorry for this late posting about my school's concert last November 2010.
It was an annual event and this is gonna be our first time to bring entertainment and music for who those purchased our tickets and which is sold 6.000 tickets! Thank you Semarang!
We gave Lyla, Killing Me Inside and Judika. I was managing catering for entire event and it was so much when i delivered a food for an artist such as Killing Me Inside, Lyla and Judika. We did took a pic when delivered a foods but somehow they were gone. Linggar, Sarah, Anisa, Acha and i are being a great team working together in an entire show.
Id like to thank for all Panitia and police.

our t-shirt :)

the show

our tickets was sold out
almost 5000-6000
Thank you all of committe SMANSIX EUFORIA 2010
Thank you SMA 6 Semarang
Thank you Lyla-ku Semarang
Thank you Killmstreet Semarang and around it
Thank you Judika holic Semarang
We are nothing without YOU :)