Marathon: Laughs, Happy

September 2011
Idul Fitri : back to basic
Meet my cutest brother! LIONEL RAKKA KENZA PRATAMA ;)

Quickdinner, quickdating 
did a date w/ B, went to bookstore as usual If we've no idea where'll we go, and really quick dinner @ Mc Donald, Ciputra Mall, Semarang

B became a huge monster while he eating

Link's birthday : Cupcakes for Her ;)
Make up for today : eyeliner, lipstick and powder

Get ready to sing a long and free eating ;)

Dilla's birthday
she's got the best day! Her boyf came after long journey from Surabaya just for saying Happy Birthday.
 Mas Dani wears red ribbon as gift to Dilla

Have a dinner @ Baffo Express w/ Dilla Dani Sina Linggar Arinta

Food is superduper delicious

Then, Peacock Coffee as usual...

Oktober 2011
Call 'em, my best
First pic w/ new classmates

One night, a thousand laughs : B went to my house and spend a nite hour w/ me.
This's the first time we take a pic via webcam, in fact he really enjoy it, you see it?

Food face

my B w/ an abstract face and great mouth :)

Cyber-date : Finally, meet him