Marathon: First Laughs

Nite all, I've been busy for this year, makes me don't have enough time to post my fashion look, my activity, my funny thoughts, my quote, my opinion about something, you know, this blog made because I wanna tell and share all about what I think.
Because 2012 is coming, so I wanna share my fashion look and my thoughts and my everything this year, sorry it's marathon :P

June 2011
Abdul's Great Show
Prambors 102FM with Kopi ABC present : ABDUL and The Coffee Theory @ Kampus Fisip Undip
Totally Girls Day Out w/ Dilla, Riska (now, call her Kopong, don't be confuse if I write her name as Kopong), Arinta and Linggar.

Arinta's birthday : she celebrated it in her house, such as homey party w/ Dilla Link and Kopong, and her classmates too, the food is prettygood.

Free Karaoke Time :
w/ my Girls on my birthday party, but I'm not treat 'em hahaha

Damn, Awkward, anyway Thank You :
After this, we went to Taman KB, it's such as Central Park in your city, this is the place where people gather and doing their activity, Skaters community is most seen in this place. Surprisely, I have no idea, they pushed me in to a dirty pool, I don't know what kind of things which filled the pool, I swear it was really disgusting.

Midnite :
In my birthday, my bf makes me so angry because he acted as an old man, I mean he forget my day, and didn't say something 'till 11pm June 21st 2010, he came to my house and bring a little cake with a purple box, there's a red black OINK jacket inside, so glad having him even he's not a perfect man, over all, Ilovehim:*
 His little cake, with 18 candle above it
This is his wish list for my day :P

Paris Van Java Garage Sale :
I'm going to Garage Sale w/ Nia (call her Nyek), @ Paris Van Java, Singosari, Semarang, met Poni, Dona, Aulia and others there. I bought a cute top, pink top, it used to be is Dona's mine, she sold it only 17000RP.

July 2011
Take a break after school : Karaoke time again, w/ Nyek Galang Fafa B and I. After all school activity is over, we just waiting for gradutation day.
B and I. He huged me, for just in each moment

Move in Blue :
Chic in Blue, feels like in the sky, and I can move better!

Square thing is enough

This is just Pink and Blue

August 2011
Stressed Out
Went to our main destination for now, Peacock Coffee, w/ Dilla Linggar Arinta Sina Vivi. sorry, I'm smoking.
 For now, this is always make me better, even just for a second then it will killed me slowly...

Pals, can't buy by anything : Buka bersama w/ phespa company everyday, have a really precious time w/ 'em, even just for a hours, I really enjoy it :)

High school memories : Buka bersama w/ my girls, Dilla Riska Arinta Kiki Voni Sina Christin. Went to Ngabuburit on the skul at Sma 6 Semarang (my school)

Buka bersama w/ Uli Ina Icha Ridha and Ditta @ Robuchon, Paragon Mall, Semarang

Heart attack day : UM D III UNDIP 2011

Red, Long and Hot?

Ospek : Finally, I'm passed to Undip, Now, I'm Public Relations students!

Sister's black : My sister's dress w/ 2 kind of different shoe

Ramadhan, last day : Spend the last day of Ramadhan w/ B at his house w/ his sister too, how wonderful dinner!
That nite, was one of the best nite