All In: First Hanging Out

June 2011 Finally I've a quality times w/ my 3rd mates. Since we were classmates, we never take one nite to go together just around the mall (as usuall), have a cup of coffee at coffeeshop, have some dinner at foodstreet or even just stayed at anyone's house and talk bout something we like. Then, we make a plan for that, and cancelled all an appointment even w/ boyfi or family, because we all know, we never can rewind this moment like this. I can say that that was our first and last moment we spend before we're going to college and decide our own decision. We're going to Ciputra Mall (the oldest mall in our vocabulary), and meet at Food court, have a great moment and surprisely Conello had some event there. Ups, almost forget... I'm w/ Yeni, Riska (kopong), Nia (nyek), Yunani (greece)
Yellow ballon always been an interesting thing to take
left-right: Me, Yeni, Nyek. Girls with four eyes
Greece: blue meets yellow, perfect!
LOL! Kopong with her empty brain!
Top:Caramel tanktop/Top:D-Niss stripes cardigan/Bottom:Noname jeans/Accesories:Obscura/Bag:by Pasar Maling Johar Semarang/Shoes:Connexion