All In: Rakka First Birhday

Jan 14, happy birthday my lil’bro! Very good wishes today for you bro! My mom was cooking a traditional menu for celebrated a special day such as birthday, baby born day, wedding day and others. NASI KUNING! Ever heard that? Nasi kuning is yellow rice made from rice, with turmeric to gives a yellow color, and another ingredients. Mom’s cooks is the best I ever tasted! Usually it more completed with fried chicken, fried noodles, perkedel (croquette of spicy groung meat and boiled potatoes), slices fried eggs, and fried black soybean. Raka got many gifts! So fun!

Look! 2 babies just slept together and had their own business
This was my niece, Senklotta Key Almira Haque, but I called her Ipad-Ipid, so cute right?
Raka was trying to get Ipadipid's milk hihi babies's favorite 

no make up!

Happy Birthday my bro!!! Grow faster <3