Learn: Late

I checked on my calendar desk, oh my! That was Jan 13, it means there will be so many task to do before Jan 18, is B’s 19th birthday. So I putted my cash book and agenda to write ‘to do list’ before the day. I’ve prepared a good plan to make it well at B’s birthday. I’ve called some friends, his friends actually but they’re mine too, and I asked them to help me for make B’s birthday became awesome.
Jan 13, B and I went to book store to buy some paper gift and many things to completed his day. Hihi I knew that he already aware that usual January activity, but I don’t mind I’ve to make it work well, and I don’t want to gave him unwanted gift. Guess what? He picked a pink ones, he really got me losing my mind when I asked his which color is better than others. I quickly grab that pink paper gift and payed ‘em. I really happy these day because I can spent a bit quality time with B. Let me tell you, B is always hates me when I wore some heels or wedges shoes, in his opinion a girl who wearing that’s look older and too modern. What? I figured out maybe he lived in different planet, because as my known, most of boys really loved when a girls wore a kind of heels or wedges shoes, it was look girls taller and more sexy. Don’t you think the same? Okay, but I ignore his thoughts and keep walking wears my black heels, even he just spoke a bit words all the times.
Did you look that? It's too bigger to me so I gave 'em my shocks hihi
Bought this w/ Fafa and Galang
B is always love purple things, so I bought this
Use this made some good things
And the gift is ready!

Best wishes!